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Barry Jubber


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R&R Cycles, Australia

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Joe Daly at Bonneville Salt Flats

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Seat on Barry Boughtons Bike

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Bobby Kenez #2


Jesse Arias knows how to build a high hp Spotser for the street.  Equipped with an NRHS 1250 kit, NRHS stage 1 Thunderstorm heads, and a Hurricane air cleaner as well as SE 536 cams, HSR 42 carb, Daytona Twin Tech ignition and a Thunderheader this bike is making close to 98 hp at the rear wheel!  Sweeeeet!!


Bobby Kenez not only has a great looking custom bike but he also has a Axtell 90" kit to make sure it goes just as good as it looks!


Naruhide Yoshida from Japan has transformed this great looking bike into a monster with an NRHS 1250 kit and stage 2 XB heads along with numerous suspension mods and a great custom exhaust.  Look out Godzilla!


Ron Thomas is in the US Army stationed in Korea and he has built this great chopper from a stock 883.  It sports stage 2 XB heads and an NRHS 1250 kit along with SE 536 cams and a Twin tech ignition. I-goo!!


Eric Klang has turned an already fast Buell X1 into a corner carving monster with headwork fom NRHS along with a Forcewinder intake.


Nathan English's beautiful Nightster is now even better thanks to progressive 412 shocks and a very subtle Hurricane flow air cleaner addition.


Tim Allen puts the cars in their place at his local drags by winning the first time out with NRHS parts. Stage 2 XB heads, an NRHS 1250 kit, SE 575 cams and a Mikuni all helped put him in the winners circle


Chuck Paya's 2004 streetfighter started life as a docile little 883.  After installing a Storz bodywork kit he decided it needed to go 'just' a bit faster. It now has an Axtell 88" kit along with stage 3 STD heads and some Redshift 585 cams.  Needless to say it is tough to keep the front wheel on the ground!!

Bob Hinds Beautiful S3 Buell is ready to tame the Dragon with a set of Stage 2 Thunderstorm heads and a high compression 1212 engine kit.

Dana Colberts' Sportster is ready to surprise a few Big twin owners with a set of stage 2 heads and a 1250 kit. I just hope he doesn't plan on having any passengers!  hehe


Gary Greenly definitely knows how to go Old School with this beautiful rigid!  Now it will really fly with the addition of an Axtell 90" high compression engine kit, Stage 3 heads and Redshift cams. I hope he has some sticky gloves!!

Mike Brankski not only knows how to make a bike look great but also how to make it fast.  Equipped with an Axtell/NRHS 88" kit and stage 3 heads both of which have been Diamond Cut this beauty is just waiting to rip your arms off!  Nice ride Mike!!

David Cameron has turned his 883 into one sweet ride.  Now  she moves along very nicely thanks to a NRHS 1212cc kit and XB heads along with a supporting cast of 536 cams, Hooker pipes and an NRHS Hurricane Flow air cleaner.  Nice ride David!

Bob Cross knows how to make a unique Sportster.  And with the addition of an NRHS/Axtell 1250 kit, NRHS stage 3 XB style heads, Mikuni 45 carb and more this bike not only shows but goes!

Jeff Morrones' Sportster features an NRHS 1250 kit, NRHS stage 2 04 XL1200 heads,

536 cams, Dyna ignition module and more!

Dan Carter is ready to hit the twisties in California with this beautiful Buell S3. And this bike is ready for them with an NRHS/Axtell 1250 kit, NRHS stage 2 heads,  SE 575 cams, roller rockers and a NRHS billet motor mount to keep all that power in place!

Jim Hopcus has one bad Sportster! This beautiful ride features a set of NRHS stage 2 heads, an NRHS 1250 kit, Rhinehart pipes, 42mm Mikuni, RevTech ignition and even a HurricaneFlow air cleaner.  Check out the custom powder coated cylinders in red also!

Brian Johnson's beautiful 1996 Sportster features a 116hp engine from the NRHS shop. This baby goes as good as it looks!

Dan Dunn not only sells you the parts for your bikes but he also rides this beautiful 1996 Buell S2 Thunderbolt that features a 101hp NRHS built engine. Look out Twisties!!


It appears as if Dan Dunn is addicted to custom painted Buells as he also owns this 2000 Buell X1. Equipped with a HurricaneFlow air cleaner and oil filter plus numerous other bolt on goodies.  Watch for this bike to undergo a major engine transformation this year!

Ken Archibald’s 1987 XL 1200 Sportster that he built with friend Dan McAuliffe. Besides the obvious cosmetic upgrades, Ken added a bunch of extra ponies as well with the addition of a NRHS/Axtell 1250cc bolt-on big bore, NRHS stage III CNC-ported Thunderstorm heads, a Screaming Eagle .536 cam and roller rocker set, JIMS Hydrosolid tappets and a set of Crane adjustable pushrods. That’s one hot four-speed, congrats on a real show stopper Ken!

This is Sean Ramsey’s 1996 Buell S1 Lightning fresh from the shop and ready for break-in. Sean’s bike now features a set of NRHS stage II CNC-ported XB heads with angle-cut combustion chambers for use with 15-degree Thunderstorm style pistons, a NRHS/Axtell 1250cc bolt-on big bore, and a set of the Hurricane billet pushrod tube bases. Nice ride Sean!

Neil Paolella is the proud owner of this 88” Sportster built by Tom Metty and the crew at Conspiracy Cycle Works. His engine features NRHS stage II CNC-ported heads, a NRHS/Axtell 88” big bore kit, Screaming Eagle .536 cams and a D&D Boarzilla exhaust. Neil wins our lethal sleeper award for keeping the 883 emblems on the tank and building a motor that very few would be able to pick out as a real fire-breather. 


Justin Schilling's mutant Buell Chopper! Justin's engine features a set of NRHS Stage 3 Thunderstorm heads as well as an NRHS 1250 kit, and lays down an impressive 108 horsepower. For a look at some really cool chopper parts, take a look at the Two Bit Choppers website.

Rob Noble's bad-ass 2002 Sportster! This bike is equipped with NRHS Stage 2

heads and an NRHS/Axtell 1250 kit and puts 102 horsepower to the back tire. Hang on tight!


Michael Pariso's 2002 1200 Custom Sportster features a set of NRHS Stage 2 XL1200R heads along with an NRHS 1250 kit. Beautiful machine Mike!


Jim Erkman's 1988 Sporty features a set of NRHS Stage 3 Thunderstorm heads, an NRHS 1250 kit, and an NRHS/Force Signature Series pipe. Very nice bike!


Cal Ellison's 1999 M2 is equipped with NRHS Stage 2 Thunderstorm heads and NRHS 1250 kit and puts 103 horsepower to the rear tire. Congrats on the great ride, Cal!

Leroy Winegardner is ready for the long haul with this beauty featuring an NRHS cast iron 1250 kit and a set of stage 3 NRHS CNC ported heads. Additional features include a Dytona Twin Tec ignition and SE 536 cams. This bike should tear up some highways!!

Barney Hertzog with his 105hp 2001 Sportster! This bike features an NRHS 1250 kit and a set of Stage 3 NRHS CNC Ported XL1200R heads. Nice ride Barney!

1050 kitFrank Ammerman's first NRHS motor package. NRHS Stage 1 heads, SE cams, and the rest of the typical bolt ons. Made 100hp and 86ft/lbs. Not bad for 1999.

Knut from Norway has one hot ride even if there is snow!   His 2004 Sporty features a NRHS 1250 kit, NRHS stage 3 XB heads, RB Racing LSR 2-1 pipes and even a Hurricane oil filter. I think the snow is melting!