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NRHS is pleased to bring you a collection of our tech tips, articles, and dyno test results. Check back frequently as we will be adding to this page.


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Tech articles:

Assembling your cylinders, pistons, and rings - NEW

Squish Clearance - What it is and how to get it right - NEW

Checking Valve to Piston Clearance - NEW

Horsepower and Torque - what they really mean

Single Fire Ignitions Explained and Tested

Camshaft Selection

Camshaft Installation

Initializing the SE ignition Module on the 2004-Later Sportster

Useful Formulas

NRHS General Instruction Sheet for installing your engine kit


Observations and Musings:

Cylinder Construction

M6 Primary Chain Tensioners in XL applications

Thunderstorm Pistons - Caveat Emptor

Hypereutectic Pistons in Performance Applications

Straightness and Roundness of Cylinders

Forcewinder Air Cleaners - Something You Need to Know


Dyno Test Results:

Breather Check Valves - Do they work?

Fitch Fuel Catalyst - Does it Add Power?

Mikuni vs. CV - Dyno Results

SE "E" Cams vs. SE .536 Cams -Dyno Results

SE .575 Cams vs. SE .536 Cams -Dyno Results

Supertrapp Discs - Dyno Results

CV Carb Needles - Dyno Results

Anti-Reversionary Cones - Dyno Results

Buell XB Velocity Stack - Dyno Results


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More Excellent Tech Articles by Ron Dickey of Axtell Sales

Sure, Ron makes the best big bore cylinders you can buy. But he's also one of the best motor guys you'll ever come across. NRHS highly recommends a careful read of all the tech information Ron is willing to share.


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